Grange Car Insurance Prices and Review

Grange Insurance is an auto policy provider in 13 states in the East and the region bordering the Midwest area of America. While Grange Insurance may not be at the top of many lists for the lowest cost in all situations, our research found that the company has better than typical policyholder reviews.

The word Grange refers to a regional group of farmers and those community members associated with the business of farming. Grange Insurance was formed in 1935 to serve this special interest group. Today, Grange will happily write you a policy even if you’re not familiar with animal husbandry.

Grange Insurance covers 13 states, including Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. The company does business under a number of names, including Grange and Integrity. In our coverage, we will stick to “Grange Insurance,” which is the name the company itself uses on its own website. Please also note that there is a smaller regional insurance provider named “Grange Insurance Association” that is based in the Western U.S. that this Car Talk story does not cover.

Review of Grange Insurance

To find out how Grange Insurance was viewed by its policyholders, we consulted two independent sources. The first was the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Grange Insurance has been accredited by BBB since 1970. Policyholder reviews of Grange on the BBB site are impressive. The company earns a 4.44/5 score. That rating average is among the highest of any insurance company that Car Talk has ever researched.

Digging into the reviews from Grange Insurance customers on BBB reveals some interesting trends. The very positive reviews seem to be related to the homeowner’s policies the company offers. All of the 2020 calendar year reviews that mention auto policies were 1-star reviews. We had to look back a full year to find an auto policy review that was higher, a 3-star posted in December of 2019.

Next, we turned to Yelp. Yelp has 31 customer reviews from Grange Insurance policyholders. Again, the overall score was higher than most insurance companies we have researched with a ⅗ average. For 2020, the average was a bit higher at 3.5. Like many insurance company reviews, they are polarized. Almost all 1-star and 5-star posts.

The latest four reviews for Grange Insurance were all 5-stars. One reviewer mentioned that Grange had recently sent him a COVID discount on his auto policy. Ironically, he still ranked the company a 1. A Yelp reviewer took time to post this review: “I've had lots of insurance company's [sic] over the years they all have their good and bad points but unlike the biggies Progressive Geiko etc that constantly treat you as the enemy Grange is responsive and Fair priced. I have lots of cars as well as toys and after never ending increases I looked at Grange through my bank Huntington. They shaved a lot of money off my previous carrier that did it's best to constantly gouge me or would worm it's way out of a claim. They also answer the phone, they answer my questions and they get it done.”

Pros and Cons

  • Higher than typical policyholder reviews.
  • BBB Accredited for fifty years with an A+ rating.
  • A broad range of discounts are available.
  • Only offers policies in 13 states.
  • We did not find Grange Insurance on any lists of lowest-cost policies.

Detailed Overview of Coverages Offered by Grange Insurance

The states heavily regulate auto insurance. Grange Insurance auto policies will all offer collision, comprehensive, liability, and medical payment coverage. When we scanned the Grange Insurance list of coverages looking for out of the ordinary services, we noted that pet injury costs and smartphone damage were both offered.

Grange Insurance also offers some interesting options for those configuring an auto policy. Grange Insurance offers liability coverage to augment its standard offerings, loan/lease gap coverage, rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and even identity theft insurance riders on its auto policies. Complementing Grange Insurance’s passenger car coverage, Grange Insurance also offers boat, recreational vehicle, and motorcycle insurance.

What is the cost of a Grange Insurance Policy?

Automobile insurance policy costs depend heavily on who you are, how you drive, and where you live. Things like a good credit score, your age, your driving record, the age of your vehicle, the value of your car, and your address all contribute to the algorithm that determines your premium.

We know you want some price ranges on Grange’s auto insurance so let’s take a look. Car Talk compared examples of insurance prices we found including Grange Insurance.

InsurerExample 1Example 2Example 3

Your Grange Insurance agent can help you to find the cost for you and your family, but Car Talk’s advice is to get at least two other quotes for the same or similar coverage from other companies.

Grange offers an impressive list of discounts. It would be shocking if you didn’t find a few that apply to your situation. Here is a rundown of just some of the many discounts Grange Insurance lists as available. Your local Grange Insurance agent should help you find all that you qualify for.

  • Multiple policy: If you also sign up for Grange Insurance homeowners, life, or business insurance you will earn a discount.
  • Multiple vehicle: If you have more than one vehicle listed on a policy expect Grange Insurance to offer you a discount.
  • Paid in full: Paying up front always means a lower cost.
  • Advance quote: Give Grange Insurance’s agent a week or two to pull together its best price and it will be a lower quote than if you need insurance coverage in the next 24 hours.
  • OnTrack Telematics: If you let Grange put a snooping device on your car to watch how you drive you may earn a discount. If you drive a lowered Subaru WRX with a chip, this one is not for you. If you mainly drive back and forth to church in a 2008 beige Camry, here is a strong chance this is going to save you money.
  • Safety Tech: If your car was made after the internet was invented you will earn a discount. Even basic equipment like airbags and anti-lock brakes qualify.
  • Safe driver: Means what it says. No accidents or tickets? Expect a lower cost than your neighbor with the ironing board-sized wing welded to his trunk.
  • Good student: Earn A’s earn a discount. You deserve it. Or your parents do.
  • Away at school: Do you have a kid away at college. You need a discount, and Grange Insurance will offer you one.
  • Legacy loyalty: Be a long-term Grange Insurance customer to earn discounts.
  • New beginnings: Worth asking about.
  • Accident forgiveness: Want to pay up front for a future accident that would bump up your costs? Maybe it makes sense for you. This is one we would read the fine print on before signing up.

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Is Grange Insurance a good insurance company?

Car Talk found that Grange Insurance had higher than average policyholder review ratings and stellar BBB credentials.

What is the rating for Grange Insurance?

Grange Insurance earns an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

What states does Grange Insurance write in?

Grange Insurance covers 13 states including Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Who are the top 5 insurance companies?

Erie Insurance, Farm Bureau, Geico, State Farm, and USAA are among the insurers that make the Car Talk list of top affordable insurance companies. We did note that Grange Insurance has high customer ratings.

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