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Toco Warranty Corporation is a relative newcomer. It was founded in 2013 in California and is backed by AmTrust Financial Services. Despite being new, it has a solid reputation with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company is known for offering affordable plans with no down payment and the ability to pay monthly to more easily fit the cost into your budget.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable payment plans
  • Offers new and used vehicle coverage
  • Covers vehicles up to 20 years old
  • Transferable to new owner
  • Simple claims process
  • Cancellation within 30 days, with no claims filed results in full refund
  • Not available in California, Washington, Missouri, or Alaska
  • Waiting period of 90 days and 1,000 miles

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What is Covered by Toco Plans?

Toco offers a few plan tiers with levels of coverage based on mileage and cost.

Here are the 10 most expensive repairs and how they’re covered under the three available Toco extended warranty plans.

Avg CostBlueYellowOrange

(*) Brakes does not include: Pads, Rotors, Shoes and Drums

Which Toco Plan is Right for Me?

Which plan will fit your needs depends on the mileage on your car, where you live, and your budget. Contact Toco for a direct quote. And make certain to ask questions and get specific quotes. Toco has very low monthly rates and does not require a down payment to get started. We've linked their sample contract page in the chart above, so consumers can look through which plan may be right for their needs.

Additional Benefits Included in All Toco Plans

  • Roadside assistance - this includes jump-starts, flat tire changes, fuel delivery, locksmiths, and towing.
  • Trip interruption - up to $100 per day for three days to cover food and lodging if you breakdown more than 100 miles from home.
  • Hotel and motel discounts - discounts offered when you book through with a 5 percent rebate when you send your receipt to Toco.

How Much Does a Toco Warranty Cost?

Exactly how much your warranty will cost depends on your car. How old is it? How many miles does it have? These numbers are just a guideline. They were compiled from searching the internet for real quotes that were given to real Toco customers. Consider them a guide, but know your quote could vary considerably.

VehiclePlan NameTermTotal CostDeductible

How to File a Toco Claim?

All you need to do is take your car to a licensed mechanic, repair shop, or dealership. They’ll assess your vehicle and reach out to Toco directly. Once the claim is approved, you pay the deductible and Toco pays the rest directly to the repair facility. Toco's claim filing process is one of the simplest, most user friendly experiences in the industry.

Is My Car Eligible for a Toco Warranty?

What disqualifies a car?

  • Any car with over 200,000 miles
  • Cars with a model year prior to 2001

Most Common Reasons Why Toco Claims Are Rejected?

  • Non-covered parts. Warranties only cover specific parts, so if you get more fixed than what is approved, you’ll be paying the extra cost.

  • Poor maintenance. You have to take care of your car. If you don’t keep it maintained and something goes wrong, then that’s on you and the claim will be denied.

Customer Reviews of Toco

Positive Reviews

“I've had a Toco Warranty for about four years now. Their customer service is amazing. They are all kind, quick to respond and very knowledgeable…” - Betty, ConsumerAffairs

“I’ve been with Toco for 2 years and transferred it to my new car just last month. I am very happy with customer service, every time I call I get great service and never had a problem.” - Nancy, ConsumerReviewCenter

“Nice on the budget with the monthly payments. Great service also.” - Kirsten, Reddit

Negative Reviews

“Found a way to wiggle out of coverage for things that were clearly covered. Waste of money!” - Mike, ConsumerReviewCenter

“It said it covered the repair but it was just some of the parts, so I still had to pay part. Not happy.” - Jennifer, Reddit

Should You Get a Toco Extended Warranty?

It’s hard to decide if you should get an extended warranty. One of the biggest factors in the decision is your comfort level with unexpected repairs. If you’d rather just wait and see and you can easily budget for the unexpected, then an extended warranty isn’t necessary. If you’re losing sleep over the potential for repair bills, then the extended warranty is worth considering.

Vehicle reliability is also important. Some makes and models have more problems than others. If yours is one such vehicle, you may find an extended warranty pays for itself. There’s no guarantee, however, that you’ll need that warranty. You may end up buying one and never need to take advantage of the benefits.

A word of caution. Calls from anyone offering an extended car warranty out of the blue are almost always scams. Hang up. Do your own research and find a reputable warranty provider on your own.

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Our Methodology For Best Warranty Providers

Car Talk has spent the last year doing a deep dive into the warranties industry for the benefit of our readership and long-time listeners. Our process for deciding on the best warranty companies for the year was exceptionally thorough, involving in-depth research and our unique secret shopper initiative. We compiled over 50 data points across all reviewed companies to refine and inform our selection process. Car Talk reviewed the following important criteria for each company:

  • Consumer Satisfaction: Cross referencing multiple trusted resources to pull our fair and balanced customer reviews.

  • Cost: Utilizing our secret shopper initiative, we got comparable quotes across all companies so we can validly compare pricing.

  • Coverage and Offerings: Our research team delved into the coverage and offerings for each company, comparing what is available, including extras and discounts.

  • Official Ratings: We consulted a wide range of verified review sites to extrapolate a ratings score for each.


Is Toco a legitimate company?

Absolutely. Even though they’re newer, they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and are a legitimate company.

How much is a Toco warranty?

You can request an exact quote online or over the phone. What you pay depends on your car, but expect to get a quote that’s at least $1000.

How do Toco warranties work?

Take your car to a licensed repair facility. They will call Toco for approval and receive payment directly. You just pay the deductible.

Can I cancel a Toco extended warranty?

Yes, you can cancel the warranty but there may be a fee.

Is a Toco warranty worth it?

Extended warranties can help you save on repairs, but only if you need those repairs in the first place. If you don’t need them, then the cost of the warranty was a waste.

If I sell my car, can I get a refund from Toco?

Yes. You can cancel or you can transfer the warranty to the new owner. There may be an administration fee with either option.

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