CARCHEX vs. autopom!

There are lots of choices when it comes to extended car warranties, so how do you decide which is right for you? Both CARCHEX and autopom! are well-known names in the extended warranty business, but neither directly covers your vehicle. Instead, these companies are brokers that offer coverage from that is provided from other companies.

Sounds confusing, but it’s pretty simple. You reach out to CARCHEX or autopom! and provide them with the information on your car. They then do the work of figuring out which of the providers in their networks offer the right plan at the right price for you.

Think of it this way. Instead of having to make a bazillion calls to all the different extended warranty companies directly, these guys do that work for you. Here’s a closer look at what both offer so you can decide which might be right for you.

CARCHEX vs autopom! Overview


autopom! Overview

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Great Customer Service
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The idea behind autopom! is to make the process of buying and using an extended car warranty less intimidating. This includes the availability of online sample contracts, knowledgeable associates, and a clear claims process. This company maintains high ratings and reviews within the industry.

Pros and Cons of autopom!

  • Good value
  • Extensive coverage options
  • Solid customer service
  • Higher than average down payment

CARCHEX Overview

Best Selection of Plans
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CARCHEX offers fewer coverage options, but there’s still a good mix that makes it easy to find the right coverage for your needs. Whether you want just the basics or something more bumper to bumper, there’s a warranty for you. CARCHEX also prides itself on customer service and we found its representative very helpful.

Pros and Cons of CARCHEX

  • Affordable plans and financing
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Great customer service
  • No motorcycle or RV coverage

Plan Options - autopom! vs. CARCHEX

While CARCHEX offers five plans, autopom! offers a whopping 19 plans that are divided into four basic categories.

autopom! PlanOverviewBest for..
CARCHEX PlanOverviewBest for..

Warranty Cost - autopom! vs. CARCHEX

Mid-tier Plan Cost


High-end Plan Cost


autopom! Warranty Reviews

“Excellent coverage and service!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your great service. Keep it up!” - Gregory M, ConsumersAdvocate

“I love Autopom! I was skeptical about all those extended warranties out there, but this one is trustworthy and good service.” - Bao T, ConsumersAdvocate

“I’ve used this company for 4 cars so far and they never disappoint.” - John, TrustPilot

“I have not had a good experience with autopom! and Royal Administration. I have had to fight to get repairs covered and have had a claim denied.” - Dana, BestCompany

“I did not get reimbursed like I was promised. I wish I never signed up.” - James, BestCompany

CARCHEX Warranty Reviews

“CARCHEX has awesome awesome customer service . Great prompt response all I had to do was call.They took care of me and my car's needs. The service center was paid on issues. I will refer CARCHEX to anyone I know.” - Andrew, TrustPilot

“CARCHEX is an excellent company. I have nothing but great things to say. Excellent, friendly customer service & very quick to resolve issues.” - Dean, TrustPilot

“The sign up process was really simple and easy. The associate gave me a lot of information and answered all of our questions.” - G, ConsumerAffairs

“Their customer service is absolutely horrible. Whenever I try to talk to somebody, I have to wait about two weeks after repeatedly emailing to get a response.” - Randy, TrustPilot

“I'm paying a little too high for what I got with CARCHEX.” - David, ConsumerAffairs

How to Choose a Warranty Provider for Your Needs

The key to finding the right warranty provider is to take the time to do you research. Don’t just go with the first provider that offers a plan that seems to fit. Make multiple calls and get multiple quotes. It’s also important to ask lots of questions so you don’t think you have more coverage than what’s actually included.

Don’t feel like the top plans are the only plans worth the money. The basic plans cover many of the most expensive repairs on your car for a lower premium. They’re still a great option. Consider your comfort level with paying out of pocket before you jump all the way to the most expensive plan.

Finally, don’t buy any plan from someone who cold calls trying to sign you up for an extended car warranty. These are almost always scams. Hang up the phone and reach out to reputable providers on your own.

Top Rated Warranty Companies

4.9 of 5

CARCHEX is one of the largest, most highly-rated providers of vehicle extended warranties in the market. They have been a trusted name in the business for 20 years.

4.9 of 5

autopom! is well known in the industry for customer service and responsiveness. The company works directly with 2600 certified repair facilities and has a dedicated customer advocacy program.

4.3 of 5

Toco Warranty Corporation is a relative newcomer in the industry, but they are making a splash. They maintain a solid reputation with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Toco is known for offering affordable plans with no down payment and the ability to pay in monthly installments.


Are CARCHEX And autopom! Scams?

Nope. They’re both legitimate companies that provide a wide range of extended warranties.

Can I Transfer My Warranty To A New Owner?

Yes, you can transfer your warranty to a new owner. There may be a transfer fee, but it’s usually nominal so it’s not likely to break your budget. The cost depends on your plan, but it’s typically around $50.

What Can Void My Warranty?

There are lots of things that can void your warranty, so we compiled a handy dandy list. In short, don’t trash your car on purpose and expect your warranty to cover damage. Accidents, modifications, and neglected maintenance are also likely to void warranty coverage.

Why Was My Claim Denied?

This depends on the claim. Common reasons include not getting approval prior to having repair work completed or trying to make a claim for non-covered components. Call your extended warranty provider for a full explanation of any denied claims.

Can I Do The Work Myself?

Generally the answer is no. If you’re a licensed mechanic working in a real garage and not out of the barn out back, then you may be able to do the work. It’s better, however, to go to a licensed garage for the work.

Is An Extended Warranty Worth It?

We can give you a qualified maybe. While an extended warranty can save thousands on expensive repairs, there’s no guarantee you’ll even need those repairs. In that case, you wasted your money. Still, the peace of mind offered by not worrying about repair bills may be worth the cost even if you never make a claim.

How Much Does a Warranty Cost, On Average?

It all depends on your car and your coverage, but plan for at least $100 per month for most policies. If you have a particularly unreliable car or spring for more extensive coverage, then expect to pay hundreds more.

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