Our Plate Collection

Twitter was more of a challenge a few years ago when you had to come up with something funny in 140 characters. The real creative geniuses, though, are the nut jobs that lie awake at night thinking of something funny to say in six to eight characters on a license plate, that will pass the censors at the DMV.

There’s no Pulitzer Prize for license plate creativity, but we’re hoping that the tags herein get their moment of posterity.


Vlad the impala license plate

This works especially well in Our Fair City, where all the unused R’s from words like “harbor” and “parlor” end up at the end of words with a vowel. “Hey Ma, wheah’d ya pahk the Impaler?”

This Week’s Puzzler

rubix license plate

As if driving a Nissan cube didn’t already let everyone in a 300 mile radius know you’re a nerd.

Whiz Kid

pb4wego license plate

Probably want to lay off the 64-ounce Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee for the ride, too.


notpopo license plate

If you want to guarantee the traffic around you never goes beyond the speed limit, a black and white Crown Vic is just the ticket.

Idiot On Board

tesla no hands license plate

“While using Autopilot, it is your responsibility to stay alert, keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times and maintain control of your car.” -- Tesla Owner’s Manual, but who reads that?

There Can Be Only Pun

funny highlander license plate

If only the people who made the Highlander movies had taken this advice.

Make Better Choices

omg mov license plate

You’d get there just as fast in a Prius in that traffic, Bruce McLaren.


gandalf license plate

Given the leisurely acceleration time of a 3.6R with a CVT, “You shall not pass” is prophetic.


ugh im late license plate

SPOILER ALERT: A BMW is about to cut you off in traffic.

I’ll Be Back

da chaopa  license plate

Because “ITSNOTATOOMA” is too many letters.

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