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Repair and check car in repair shop. An experienced tech

Excessive Miles on a Shop Lift Don't Add Up

If a front-wheel-drive car is put up on a lift, started and put into drive, will the odometer mileage increase?

Colorful oil stain on asphalt driveway

The Case of the Mysterious, Disappearing Spot

I have a 2017 Ford F-150 3.5 Eco-Boost. One cold night this winter, I plugged in the block heater.

Old classic vintage car body and alloy shiny fashionable style

Tires are Getting Shorter While Thieves Creative

Over the past couple of decades, wheels on cars have gotten bigger and tires have gotten shorter.

 Young woman sitting on spare tire on road

Replacing Tire Pressure Sensor a Sensible Decision

In a recent article, you wrote about when the batteries in the tire pressure sensors in tires fail and cause the low tire pressure light to come on. Y ...

White pickup car with opened truck in forest

Pickup Truck Tailgates Don't Have to be a Drag

Will I get better gas mileage with my pickup truck tailgate up or down? When I try to find the answer, I get mixed messages.

Modern hybrid car

No Need to Stop with Regenerative Braking

Is the idea of downshifting when going down a hill outdated for hybrid vehicles with regenerative braking? I grew up with the idea that one should alw ...


Buyer Be Aware: Not All Car Issues Are Mechanical

My friend bought a new home after her husband passed away. After the deal was done, she discovered her beloved pickup would not fit in the garage.

Young multiethnic international couple traveling

Identical Cars Set the Stage for an Experiment

My friend, Greg, and I coincidentally bought the same make, model and color of car and in the same year! It's a 2WD 2010 Lexus RX-350.

Black cars for sale

Market Conditions an Opportunity for Car Lessees

Our 2018 Mercedes C300 lease is expiring soon. The lease states that the residual value is $22,000.

Tow truck delivers the damaged vehicle

Watch for Signs of Failing Alternator

I have a 2008 Honda Civic. Recently when idling, I've noticed a chattering noise coming from the left side of the engine compartment.

White car in front of the house

Smart Cars for Absent-Minded Owners

I am a dinosaur when it comes to new technology. I parked my wife's new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in our garage.

Highway with cars and Trucks

Seizing Car has Owner Driving Scared Almost a Year

While driving on the freeway at about 70-75 mph with the air conditioner running in my 2006 Acura TL, all of a sudden, I heard this horrendous noise. ...

Car Vin Number

WYSIWY Have When it Comes to Trim Models

I have a 2015 Toyota Avalon I'm fixin' to sell. Checking online for its value, I see there is an Avalon XLE Touring and an Avalon XLE Touring SE.

Backseat close up

Reset Needed to Erase Vendetta from Memory

At random times, my 2016 Nissan Murano attempts to crush my knees. In normal operation, the driver's seat slides backward when I turn the engine off, ...

Blue Car with Winter Tires on the Snowy Road

Vehicles Have Plenty of Functional and Fun Options

My 2013 Dodge Dart underbody cover had to be removed after it got caught on a concrete parking lot bumper. It was partially pulled off and was draggin ...

Brake repair close up

Three Repair Shops Yield Three Different Options

I took my 2017 Nissan Murano Platinum to the dealership for my 30,000-mile service. The front brake pads were OK, but they said my rear pads were down ...

Girl Standing out of Yellow Car Sunroof Back View

Short List of Vehicles for Tall People

Our 15-year-old grandson is 6 feet 5 inches and growing. He will be driving next year and is trying to find a car that will "fit" him. Any suggestions ...

Professional car painting

Costs of Water-Based Paints Balanced by Savings

You wrote recently about the new "matte" paints on some new cars. Speaking of paint, what's with the idea that government regulations require car manu ...

Heated car seats logo

Wield the Warranty that Should Last But Doesn't

I have a 2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited Hybrid (not a plug-in). I purchased it new at the end of 2018 and have had all my oil changes and services done a ...

Car being repaired

Unraveling the Mystery of the Cut Wire

I have a 2013 Honda Accord with 80,000 miles on it. I went to a local tire dealership and had a rear tire replaced.

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