Questionable Car Mods

Necessity is the mother of invention, reads the oft quoted translation from Plato’s Republic. For fans of Car Talk, insanity is the mother of contraption.


corvette pickup truck

A Corvette with a pickup bed lets them know you have a mullet before you step outside of the passenger cabin.

Lexus: The Pursuit of Infection

Lexus with monster tires

A Lexus SC430 was the donor car, so thankfully nothing of value was lost.

Wooden It Be Nice

Porsche with wood paneling

Imagine spending money on a Porsche only to have it mistaken for a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron.


crazy big spoiler on tiny car

You may have a little too much wing if it requires a network of cables and guy-wires to keep it from flying off in traffic.

Oak, What a Feeling

Car with wood paneling paint job

You wood knot like to see this Toyota lumbering along in the fast lane as you were pining to get home from your board meeting.

Mama Never Hugged Me

car with tons of decorations on it

“America First,” Frank shouted, as he drove off in his Toyota Camry.

Low Profile

Crazy car mod

“Subtle” was Carl’s middle name.


weird looking spoiler on junky car

It adds 300 pounds of weight, but the downforce is amazing!


Unicorn car

The real unicorn is finding a Mustang that hasn’t crashed leaving a car show.

Todays Car-o-Scope

What the stars say about your car for 5/23/2022
For whom do the blue lights flash? Good guess. Sorry.
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