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Book Review: The Lotus Chronicles

Rob Siegel’s new book The Lotus Chronicles is the latest in his Hack Mechanic series, and takes the reader through a seven-year process of resurrectin ...


How to Get a Deal on SiriusXM Satellite Radio

How much does SiriusXM cost and what’s the best way to get a deal? We’ll explain.

Vehicle exploding at gas station

Best Cheap Classic Car Insurance

We compared quotes from three of the top classic car insurers to find out which was the cheapest and which was the most comprehensive. Can they beat a ...

Car collision

Best Car Insurance Discounts

What are the top car insurance discounts with insurers such as State Farm, GEICO and Progressive? We'll show you how to use your job, installed equipm ...

Car radio

SiriusXM Prices and Packages

SiriusXM has been around for a few decades now. It has a lot to offer, but is SiriusXM worth the price?

Red Honda CR-V presented in the show room

Cheap Insurance for Honda CRV in 2020

Here’s what insurance should cost for your Honda CRV and where to find the cheapest rates.

Woman dealing with overheating car

5 Best Extended Car Warranties

See top ranked extended car warranties. Learn when an extended warranty is worth it, what features to look for and what you should expect to pay.

young woman learning to drive

Cheap Insurance for Teens and Young Drivers

Teens and young drivers with little driving experience have the most expensive insurance costs of any age group. Here’s how to lower the cost.

Car tires closeup

Best Tires

See top tire recommendations for SUVs, cars, and trucks. Learn how to choose a tire and where to buy.

Toyota Rav4 off roading

Best Tires for Toyota RAV-4

The Car Talk guide to the best tires for the Toyota RAV-4. See tire recommendations for all trim levels and budgets.

Honda Civic parked at the beach

Best Tires for Your Honda Civic

Tire reviews and recommendations for the Honda Civic. Learn what tires fit your budget, driving conditions, and trim level.

Teens pushing broken down car

Extended Car Warranty Cost

See typical costs for extended car warranties. Understand how the company and coverage you choose can change what you pay for an extended used car war ...

Close up on tire with car in background

Best Places to Buy Tires Online and Save Hundreds

We compared the most popular, discount online tire shopping sites including TireRack, Discount Tire, Amazon and more. See our top picks to save money ...

Bad Parking

How to Find a Reputable Car Warranty Company

Avoid scams and find a trusted extended car warranty provider. Learn what features to ask for and how to spot a reputable car warranty company.

Man looking at a smoking engine

Best Extended Warranties for Used Cars 2020

Learn what factors make an extended warranty worth the cost for your used car and what companies are offering good extended used car warranties.

Abstract slow motion, biker riding motorbike

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance for 2020

Who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance? Companies like GEICO advertise heavily for motorcycle coverage. We investigated where to find the best rate ...

RV parked in front of a lake

Cheap RV Insurance for 2020

Who has the cheapest RV insurance? We investigated how to get the best rates with the nation's top RV insurers.

Ocean Drive scene at night lights, Miami beach, Florida, USA

Cheap Car Insurance in Florida for 2020

With an average premium of $2,716, we compared the top insurance companies in Florida. We investigated where to find the best rates and discounts.

Palm streets of Beverly Hills in  Los Angeles, California

Cheap Car Insurance in Los Angeles for 2020

With an average premium of around $1,900 per year, we compared the top insurance companies in California. We investigated where to find the best rates ...

Red Tesla Model 3 inside the car shop

Cheap Insurance for Tesla Model 3

Should you insure a Model 3 through Tesla or a traditional insurer? We’ll find out who is cheaper.

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