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Why Did They Allow Car Talk Into NADA 2022?

Car Talk spends the weekend in Las Vegas at the 2022 NADA Conference. Read on for highlights and impressions of the industry's largest automotive even ...

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Excuse me! Your Car's Warranty has Expired!

For your viewing pleasure we have collected memes of people telling you that your car warranty has expired

Tom and Ray Magliozzi

Car Talk Doubles Down on Podcasting

Car Talk switches to twice-weekly podcast offerings in October!

Side view of frustrated stressed young mechanic man in white uniform touching his head with hands against car in open hood at the repair garage.

Top 10 Warning Signs That You Shouldn't Buy a Used Car

Shopping for a used car? Great! There are plenty of good deals out there. If you're not careful, though, you can wind up with a car that'll pay for yo ...

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Top 10 Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do

What things do other drivers do that annoy you most? Here's our top ten list. We're sure you won't recognize yourself in any of the items listed

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Car Talk Digital Privacy Policy

Car Talk's Privacy Policy. How we collect and use data on our site.

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Car Talk Rating Methodology

Our ratings are here to steer folks towards quality products and alert them to problems or issues we have seen in our extensive research. Our ultimat ...

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Write for Car Talk, If You Dare...

Car Talk Digital is currently looking to expand our team of automotive experts, car nerds, and loud-mouthed, opinionated content creators. If you have ...

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Top 20 Signs You Should Avoid a Garage

What's the absolutely worst thing you could imagine seeing when you bring your car in for service? Here are our deepest fears.

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Best Bad Car Jokes

Need a laugh? Who doesn't. We can't promise these car puns and jokes will do the trick, but hey give it a shot.

Unicorn car

Questionable Car Mods

If your car is a reflection of your personality, we are pretty sure the owners of these cars have personality disorders.

pb4wego license plate

Our Plate Collection

Twitter was more of a challenge a few years ago when you had to come up with something funny in 140 characters. However, the real creative geniuses fi ...

Learning to drive

Teen Driving Toolkit

We put together a free Teen Driving toolkit including a new driver contract, teen driving facts and statistics, drivers ed info, etc to help you and/o ...

Bill Kung

Bill Kung
Bill is Associate Editor of Car Talk, although everyone refers to him as 'web lackey'. In addition to his role in Editorial, Bill also maintains the highly coveted titles of Chief Restroom Cleaner and Lunch Delivery Coordinator. We are not sure why automa ... read morekers hand keys to Bill given this illustrious list of accomplishments. Some speculate it’s because his father was once a Honda Salesman. Or perhaps it's because he was a loyal listener at BU in the 90s when Car Talk was being broadcast at WBUR. Concurrently, Bill has spent 25 years in VC and in building technology companies, when he is not grabbing take-out for the rest of the Car Talk team.
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