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Options for Carless Folks Looking for Rides

I recently gave up my Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE when my lease was up. I am now without my own car for the first time since 1955.

White Camper Van

Not All RVs Are Created Equal

My mom's 100th birthday is next month, and I'd love to be there for it. She lives in New York. I'm in Ohio. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I'm st ...

Car windshield with rain drops

Don't Ignore Check Engine Light on Volvo

I have a 2004 Volvo S60, grayish-green, with an engine problem that has occurred three times. It happens when the engine is warm. After I've made a br ...

Yellow Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Buying a VW Beetle Could be a Dream Come True

I have liked the Volkswagen Beetle from the very beginning. I even considered buying a VW thing back in the day but never did. I've never owned a Beet ...

A lady checking the car engine

When Checking Oil Levels, Temperature is Key

My daughter has a red 2013 Subaru Outback with 85,000 miles on it. She was driving from Omaha to Wichita when the "check oil level" light came on in t ...

Man checking the car engine

Gasoline Fumes Warrant a Trip to the Dealership

Every time my wife fills up her 2008 Mercedes CLK 350, the garage reeks of gasoline fumes. We have had our local mechanic (not the Mercedes dealership ...

Asphalt road

How Soon to Add Highway Miles to New Cars?

Is this an old wives' tale or is it true? I've been under the impression for over 50 years that it is a good idea to get a new car out on the highway ...

Man checking tire air pressure

Rounding Up Slightly is Fine - Round, Strong Tires

As the dad of a nuclear family of four, I am the shade tree mechanic for a fleet of four vehicles. I do stuff like oil changes and bulb replacements a ...

Over heating car engine

AC Problems are More Prevalent in Hot Weather

We live in New Mexico and have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition. The Jeep has 135,000 miles and is in very good condition.

Hipster friends inside a van

Element in Hand Likely Worth Two on Used Car Lot

I'm going to college in the fall, and my parents want to give me their 2004 Honda Element. The Element has 140,000 miles on it, and my grandpa says it ...

Close up of hand on the driving wheel

Low Tech and New Tech Options

I have a suggestion for Connie, the lady who wanted to install a second, gentler horn to nudge people who aren't paying attention at traffic lights. I ...

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Best Tire Brands

We've selected the best tire brands for 2021 based on composite ratings. See our reviews of quality and price to find the right tires for you.

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Best Car Services and Parts

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